Traditional & Natural Edge Woodturning • WTAC172W01

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Class Name :

Traditional & Natural Edge Woodturning • WTAC172W01

Class Date :

July 22 - July 23

Meeting Times :

Sat–Sun 10am–4pm

Class Location :

Spalding House

Instructor :

Andy Cole

Price :


Registration begins April 11 at 10am.

About this Class:

This two-day class is designed to give students a more in depth experience in wood-turning. The first day is the same as in the one day class, in which students turn a traditional calabash style bowl. The second day is spent learning to turn a natural edge bowl with bark attached to the rim. Supply fee includes lunches.

Supply fee: $25 paid to instructor

Parking is FREE in the The Honolulu Museum of Art Spalding House parking lot. You do not need a parking pass.

Artwork by Andy Cole

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