Create an Artist Website • 153W107

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Class :

Create an Artist Website • 153W107

Class Date :

September 12 - September 19

Meeting Times :

Sat–Sun 1pm-4pm

Class Location :

Museum Admin Conference Room

Instructor :

Christine Koroki

Class Size :

0 spaces remain

Price :

$290.00 Default

This class is currently unavailable.
Please contact the admin office at (808)532-8741 for more information.

About this Class:

Workshop / 3 sessions / $290 / Museum Admin Conference Room / Sat–Sun 1p-4p
Sep 12-13 & 19

+$96 dollars to set up web hosting for one year paid to Squarespace

Create a beautiful website to showcase your work online and be noticed by galleries, museums, colleagues, students, friends, and family. Sometimes we need a hand with the technical side of things, and this workshop will answer your questions as we create your online portfolio using Squarespace templates. The layouts will compliment your work and provide easy and smooth navigation for your website vistors. Gain the attention your work deserves at the end of this three-day workshop.

*Required: a laptop that connects to wireless internet.

Visit to view available templates and professional examples.


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