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July 08 - August 12

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Sat 1–4pm (6 sessions)

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Room 101

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About this Class:

Making Story: The Art of Self Publishing & Zine Making / Gr 9-12 • PMSG172W47

If you have something to say and have access to a photocopier than you can make a zine. Zines started after the Great Depression, when fans of science fiction magazines would write their own sagas and started exchanging their "Fanzines" with each other. Later they became popular in the 1980s punk rock scene, celebrating the music and culture of the time. It wasn't till the 1990s that zine publishing saw a boom that included everything from poetry and personal writing, to record reviews and everyday-life chronicles. Zines have covered comics, feminism, race and racism, and everything in between.

In this class, we explore the different types of zines that exist and the various bookmaking techniques used by zine makers. Students will produce several mini zines and learn techniques that they can employ in a wide range of media. 

Artwork by Chris Butzer

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