The Silk Road Through Art

Grades: 5-12
Tour length: 1.5 hours
Location: 900 S Beretania Street
Days: Tuesdays–Fridays
Times: 9 + 10:30am
Group Size: 60 maximum
Fee: FREE  
Request this tour: Fall 2015 | Spring 2016

​Help your students prepare for the tour in two ways: Have an interactive discussion about museum etiquette. ​Practice looking at art. Click here for more information.​ 


This tour helps students understand the Silk Road by closely examining European, Central Asian, and Asian art. Students will visit the Chinese, Buddhist, Islamic, Indian, and Indonesian galleries. The art includes religious and secular objects—used by Buddhists, Muslims, Christians, and Jews—that share a common style, and tell a long story of cultural exchange along this historic trade route. Through play acting and seeing, students explore the Silk Road, discovering who traveled it and why, economically, they made this long and dangerous journey. Students look at the exotic and religious objects carried, and hear the great stories shared. On the tour students will see the museum's collection of Silk Road treasures such as exotic textiles, ceramics, jades, stone sculpture, and sacred cave paintings. They’ll see first hand how diverse art can be by looking at carpets, architectural details, furniture, and luxury personal objects.

Artwork on this tour:

​Pair of Doors (detail), Iran, early 20th century, Wood, pigments, varnish,metal hardware, Doris Duke Foundation for Islamic Art, 64,32,a-b​

​Fragments from a Mihrab, Iranm Kashan, Late 13th or early 14th century, Glazed stone paste, underglaze-painted, overglaze-painted luster, Wilhelmina Tenney, Memorial Collection, Gift of Renee Halbedi, 1960, (2611.1a-b)​

​Seated Buddha. Ghandaran, from Taxila or Swat, Pakistan. 2nd-3rd century AD. Grey schist. Gift of Cobey Black in memory of Brigadier General Edwin F. Black, 1986 (5491.1)​

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