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    Mariella Self and Loryn Guiffre

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    Associate Director of Development Shannon Cardellina with her husband Chris Tanaka and baby Keoni.

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    University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa Rainbow Wahine Volleyball Head Coach Dave Shoji and Mary Shoji.

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    (L-R) Blue, Emma, Lee, Ryo, and Liam Namba

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    (L-R) Nancy Sullivan, Leslie Morales, Kristin Cootey, Melissa Perry, Amanda McCan, Amy Wolcott

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    Meilani and Daniel Seward with baby Oliver

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    Kevin Washington, Patrice Flowers, Monique Flowers, Isadora Washington

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    Jae McCaskill, Dale Hope, Annie Hope

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    Former American Idol contestant Camile Velasco shows off her sultry voice.

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    There's always time for making art! ARTafterDark-ers spent the evening painting away with surfboard artist Nicole Vermillion.

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    Rochelle, Anna, Jessica, Mara

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    Sean Mcguire, John Hong, Photographer Shuzo Uemoto (he's usually the one taking the picture!) and Rick James

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    Sheri, Roz, John and J.W.

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    Steve Neill shows us a vintage sign he hand painted. Love the detail in those painted screws and cracks!

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    Catch of the day! Gyotaku (fish print) artist Naoki Hayashi demonstrates the Japanese artform.

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    Heather and Kalani

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    The lively moves of hula dancers Pomai and Rasta enchant attendees in Central Court.

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    Philip Lukens, Chuck Robitaille, Remy Robitaille

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    Billie and Sherylynn

  • Exhib_slideshow_021aad-july13-7627

    Lisa, Meesh, and Lachelle

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    ARTafterDARK-ers having fun with ?art activities in "Georgia O'Keeffe and Ansel Adams: The Hawai'i Pictures."

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    Two words... breath mint!

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    Fresh from The Grove, Kalua pork sliders complete with kiawe grilled pineapple slaw.

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    People contemplate, while composing a haiku, looking at O'Keeffe's.

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    The crowd decides which Ansel Adams' photograph they like the best and why as a part of a ?art activity.

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July 26, 2013 06:00pm-09:00pm
Honolulu Museum of Art

'Hawaiʻi Icon' information

In celebration of the exhibition Georgia O'Keeffe and Ansel Adams: The Hawai'i Pictures, we take a trip back to old Hawai'i and explore the iconic island sights and sounds that inspired these American masters. 

Sponsored by Hawai‘i Pacific Health.


Take in the sights and fine tune your hula moves with the dancers of the Hawaii Hula Company.

7:30pm: Listen to Landon Mattox's ‘ukulele performance then get a free lesson from this respected instructor.

Hear past American Idol contender Camile Velasco blast out a range of island favorites.

Groove to the beats of DJ Slant and DJ Kevin Tsuji.


Contemporary art special event: See LA art maverick Billy Al Bengston's pop-up exhibition—on view for three days only.

See live art demonstrations by gyotaku artist Naoki Hayashi and vintage signmaker Steve Neill.

7 + 7:30pm: Take a zip tour of Georgia O'Keeffe and Ansel Adams: The Hawai'i Pictures and participate in a ?art activity through the evening.


In the Member’s Only area create your own Hawaiian-inspired art with surfboard artist Nicole Vermillion.


The Grove serves Hawaiian-inspired local favorites including: Steamed fresh island fish with Nalo greens and poi vinaigrette,  Kalua pork slider with kiawe grilled pineapple slaw.

Sip on the specialty cocktail of the month, the Mai Tai.


Secret Sound Showcase: Kevin Jones + The Desert Sea Band, Erin Smith, Johnny Helm, 9pm, Doris Duke Theatre, $10.


Just a reminder—ARTafterDARKers can park in the following locations:

1) FREE: Street parking on Beretania and Kinau Street from 6pm

2) $4: The Pro Park Parking Lot behind the Honolulu Museum of Art School (1111 Victoria St.), entrances on Beretania and Young streets. Pay at the yellow slot box next to the parking booth. 

3) $5 at the First United Methodist Church Parking Lot on the corner of Beretania and Victoria streets. NOTE: lot closes promptly at 10pm