The Rajini Effect + Daadi

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    Jonathan Truong in “The Rajini Effect" + Laj Bedi in "Daadi."


The Rajini Effect + Daadi


Wednesday Jan 08 12:30 PM
Thursday Jan 16 07:30 PM
Tuesday Jan 21 12:30 PM


Doris Duke Theatre


Museum members: $10.00
General Admission: $12.00


About the Film:

The Rajini Effect
Directed by Kuvera Sivalingam, Nelson Sivalingam. 2013. UK/India. 90 mins.

Taiho is an ordinary Japanese guy—who dreams of being Bollywood’s next leading man, just like his idol, Tamil cinema icon, Rajinikanth. Burdened by the realities of life, supporting his aging mother and looking for stable work, Taiho’s dreams slowly fade. But when he comes across a contest looking for “Tomorrow’s Superstar,” his passion is reignited. All he has to do is make a short film that illustrates his special superstar spark. With his accountant Ramu, a 50-year-old wannabe filmmaker, Taiho sets out to make the film, win the competition, and pay the ultimate homage to his idol. With no cast, no money and very little time, can they make the film and win the contest? Can a Japanese guy raised in London become the next Indian film star? The Rajini Effect is a touching comedy about fandom, fanaticism and the universal language of film.

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—screens with—

Daadi (short)
Directed by David Andrew Stoler. 2013. USA. 19 mins.

Laj Bedi was a star during Bollywood’s Golden Age. Now she is an 87-year-old grandmother living in a senior home in Harlem. Daadi is the true story of magic and memory, and the difference between living and being alive. 

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