The Land of Eb

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    Jonithen Jackson in "The Land of Eb."


The Land of Eb


Tuesday Mar 18 07:30 PM


Doris Duke Theatre


About the Film:

Directed by Andrew Williamson. 2012. USA. 87 mins

Enjoy a free screening of this profoundly moving film about a Marshallese family struggling to create a new home for themselves in a remote Hawaiian community amid a stark volcanic landscape. Jacob, an immigrant father and grandfather, struggles to provide for his large family. When Jacob overhears a cancer diagnosis from his doctor he keeps the news to himself, forgoing treatment to work to pay off his property, which he plans to pass down once he’s gone. As Jacob’s search for work becomes more desperate, however, he enters into a dubious agreement with a coffee farmer who promises him the money he needs. As his illness worsens and the new job falls apart, Jacob is left with few options. Sensing his own end, Jacob turns a small video camera on himself and begins to record his story—and that of his people, the Marshallese. The Land of Eb was shot entirely on Hawai‘i Island.

Official Selection: Toronto International Film Festival, Hawaii International Film Festival. Winner Best Hawaiian Feature, Big Island Film Festival.

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