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Tuesday Apr 04 07:30 PM


Doris Duke Theatre


Museum members: $8.00
General Admission: $10.00


About the Film:

Directed by Michael Radford. UK. 1985. 113 min.

The Doris Duke Theatre joins independent theaters such as Alamo Drafthouse, IFC Center and the Film Society of Lincoln Center in screening Michael Radford’s film of 1984. The nationwide collective screening happens on April 4 because it’s the day George Orwell’s protagonist Winston Smith begins rebelling against an oppressive government by keeping a forbidden diary.

Starring the late, great John Hurt, Michael Radford’s bleakly beautiful adaptation of Orwell’s seminal 1949 novel that depicts a government that manufactures its own facts, demands total obedience, and demonizes foreign enemies, has never been timelier.

Hurt plays Winston Smith, a government bureaucrat whose job is rewriting history and erasing people from existence in post-atomic war London. While his co-workers seem content to follow the state's laws, Winston starts to rebel by writing in a secret diary despite the ever watchful gaze of Big Brother. He suffers in solitary until he meets Julia (Suzanna Hamilton) and they engage in a stoic love affair. Their relationship is soon found out and Winston is subjected to punishment by his former friend O'Brien (Richard Burton in his final film appearance).

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This screening features an exclusive video introduction and post-screening discussion with the film's writer and director Michael Radford. 

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