CAFF 2018 Program #3 + reception

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CAFF 2018 Program #3 + reception


Doris Duke Theatre


Museum members: $10.00
General Admission: $12.00

About the Film:

Part of the Cultural Animation Film Festival 2018

The Saturday evening program brings together short animated films from Aztec, Chinese, French, Gaelic, Hawaiian, Italian, LGBTQ, Mesopotamian, Minoan, and Native American cultures. At 6pm, relax in the Luce Pavilion with entertainment and a meet-and-greet with local animation filmmakers. Food from Chamorro Grindz and drinks available for purchase. Program #3 screens at 7pm, followed by a panel discussion on funding and fiscal responsibility.

Total runtime: 66 min.

L'Aria del Moscerino (Death of a Fruit Fly)
Directed by Lukas Von Berg. 2013. Italian. 5 min. Hawai‘i premiere.
A tiny fruit fly gets swatted and against all odds, it defies death in its very own way.

Directed by Cindy Yang. 2013. Chinese. 3 min. Hawai‘i premiere.
Street vendors are ready to open for business, students are eating lunch at school, and commuters are trying to squeeze onto the crowded MRT. Everyone is busy, except one person…

A Fox Tail
Directed by Thomas Bozovic, Alexandre Cazals, Julien Legay, Chao Ma. 2013. Chinese. 7 min. Hawai‘i premiere.
In the heart of ancient China, two brothers are hunting a fox. This mad journey will have them face treason, bravery, hatred and love.

Mana Comics
Directed by Christopher Caravalho. 2014. 2 min.
Mana Comics is a self-published independent comic book company that celebrates ethnic diversity, showcases heroes from Hawai‘i, and was founded in 2014 by creator Christopher Caravalho.

Kai and Honua (Trailer)
Directed by Kari Noe. 2018. Hawaiian. 1 min.
A trailer for the upcoming short animated film Kai and Honua.

Directed by Adrian Baker. 2013. Native American. 5 min. Hawai‘i premiere.
Sčədadxʷ (salmon) features famed Nisqually educator and activist Billy Frank Jr. as he journeys up the river, and through time, to illustrate the importance of salmon and the connection between the salmon and the people of the Pacific Northwest through the arrival of the settlers, habitat degradation and, hopefully, the unification of people throughout the world working together to save salmon and salmon habitat. For his tireless work and dedication, Billy Frank Jr. was posthumously awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2015. ​Salmon is part of the Injunuity half-hour documentary made up of nine short films using a unique mix of animation, music and real audio from interviews with Native Americans conducted on reservations and in big cities across the country to form a distinct view of modern America from a contemporary Native American perspective.

Directed by Adrian Baker. 2013. Native American. 5 min.
An exploration on the cultural, historical and educational importance of Native language preservation. Featuring Tom Phillips (Kiowa, Creek), Alfredo Didrickson (Tlingit, Inuit) and Shawna Claw (Navajo/Diné). Tongues is part of the Injunuity half-hour documentary made up of nine short films using a unique mix of animation, music and real audio from interviews with Native Americans conducted on reservations and in big cities across the country to form a distinct view of modern America from a contemporary Native American perspective.

City of Memories
Directed by Signe Tveitan. 2018. Mesopotamian. 6 min. Hawai‘i premiere.
In the desert lies a mysterious city, where past lives are shown within the pink dust that fills the streets. A young orphan girl is stuck here, reliving the memory of her mother. When she makes a new friend, she is faced with a choice: to keep living in the past, or to break free and leave the city together.

Irish Folk Furniture
Directed by Tony Donoghue. 2012. Irish. 8 min. Hawai‘i premiere.
In rural Ireland hand painted folk furniture is often associated with hard times, with poverty and with a time many would rather forget. In the making of this film 16 pieces of abandoned folk furniture were restored and returned back into daily use.

Keiki Coding
Hawaiian. 5 min.
Through Keiki Coding, students are introduced to the principles of video game creation, game logic, proficiency and computer skills. Each progressive module is filled with original content and artwork that is created to specifically fit the needs of local students in Hawai’i. Twiddle Productions special place-based curriculum and talk story sessions with artists, animators and game designers, help to guide Keiki in learning how to bring their amazing ideas to life and spark their imagination by becoming a coder!

Any Latitude
Directed by Sébastien Laudenbach. 2018. French. 3 min. Hawai‘i premiere.
Official music video from Dominique A and staged with dreamlike creatures in a magical and mythological forest. "From a simple narrative canvas, the animation is improvised, unrolled along the piece. There is no storyboard, improvisation is the guarantor of a certain freedom and openness Here, too, to the possibilities. As in the songs, the clips have full latitude from the first seconds", explains Sébastien Laudenbach.

Created by Camille Agloz, Lucy Vallin, Michiru Baudet, Simon Anding Malandin, Diane Tran Duc, Margo Roquelaure. 2017. Aztec. 5 min. Hawai‘i premiere.
Two young women are about to receive the greatest honor: being sacrificed to their gods. But the sacrifice doesn’t run thought normally.

Directed by Daniel Sousa. 1998. Minoan. 8 min. Hawai‘i premiere.
A loose interpretation of the Minoan myth, as seen through the monster's point of view. Abandoned in a labyrinthine island, the childlike minotaur has as his only companion a playful red ball and a multitude of mirrors. When he sees his own image he imagines himself dancing in perfect synchronicity with a mysterious other. But new characters are brought to the island, and they don't behave like his choreographed twins. Confused and frustrated, the creature has to learn to adapt to a world of uncertainty. But when he can't, the monster's true nature is revealed.

Directed by Yonatan Tai. 2013. LGBTQ. 3 min. Hawai‘i premiere.
A simple date at the aquarium morphs into a vivid portrayal of battling emotional anxiety within a relationship.

Talk Story Panel: Inspiration not Perspiration: Fiscal Responsibility in Cultural Films, Animation and Video Games
Leanne Kaʻiulani Ferrer, executive director for Pacific Islanders in Communication moderates this panel with local producer Ty
and Kenneth Paulino Jr., co-founder and chief media innovator for Kottura Innovations in Guam.

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