Surf Cinema Nugs 2018

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Surf Cinema Nugs 2018


Sunday Jul 08 01:00 PM
Wednesday Jul 11 01:00 PM
Friday Aug 03 07:30 PM


Doris Duke Theatre


Museum members: $10.00
General Admission: $12.00


About the Film:

Part of Honolulu Surf Film Festival 2018.

See the sport showcased in through glistening cinematic works of art. This lineup showcases the medium in its many forms. Expect travelogues, personal stories, and stunning waves! 

Total runtime: 85 min

I Knew Jack O’Neill
Directed by Peter Hamblin. 2018. UK. 7 min.
If you live and love the ocean, then you are sure to know Jack O’Neill. From the wetsuit that let us live the dream of first in and last out to the first ‘surf shop’ that gave us a spiritual home for our wave riding community, Jack’s mission was always to let us have fun and surf longer. O’Neill’s film, I Knew Jack O’Neill, pays homage to Jack the pioneer, Jack the maverick and above all, Jack the surfer. See you out back Jack and thanks for being you.

Northern Touch
Directed by Ben Gulliver. 2018. Canada. 16 min.
A look at a few good men in search of good beach breaks in Northern Canada.

Directed by Chris McClean. 2017. UK. 6 min.
A pedal powered adventure to the Western Isles featuring Lee-Ann Curren, Kepa Acero, Mike Lay and Colin Macleod. 

Sea People
Directed by Joel Sharpe. 2017. Peru / UK. 3 min.
A lifeless city. A wild coast. People emerge and take to the sea. 

Directed by Anders Melchior. 2018. Norway / China. 6 min. Chinese with English subtitles.
On the island of Hainan, Awen balances his filial piety against his love of surfing. 

The Island
Directed by Alessandro Dotti. 2018. Italy. 14 min. Italian with English subtitles.
Italian surfer Roberto D’Amico and crew look for undiscovered waves on an isolated island. 

Directed by Luca Merli. 2018. Italy. 26 min. With English subtitles.
A crew of surfers journey around the Mediterranean Sea to look for unexplored shores and empty waves while trying to leave a low carbon footprint.

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