Create and Destroy

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Create and Destroy


Tuesday Aug 14 10:00 AM
Wednesday Aug 15 10:00 AM
Thursday Aug 16 10:00 AM
Friday Aug 17 10:00 AM
Saturday Sep 08 02:30 PM


Spalding House

About the Performance:

An artist once said “every act of creation is first an act of destruction.” See how artists Ava Fedorov and Janet Tran consider that cyclic relationship as they transform the “library” in The World Reflected. The public can watch the artists working in the space Tuesdays through Fridays during museum hours. The installation will be completed and open to the public on Tuesday, August 21 and will be on view for the remainder of the exhibition. Free with museum admission

Ava Fedorov is an artist and writer based on O'ahu. As a passionate observationist and storyteller, Ava uses art to create an abstracted visual narrative surrounding themes that inspire her. She also teaches at UH Mānoa, HPU, HoMA, and is the education coordinator for the Honolulu Biennial Foundation.

Janet Tran is a Honolulu artist currently engaging with ordinary, commonly overlooked, and discarded materials to further explore their hidden potential and extended use. Dissatisfied in the nature of society's wastefulness, she reclaims unwanted resources through creative reuse to produce works capable of functionality balanced with playfulness. Janet is also is an instructor for the Honolulu Museum of Art's See Art, Make Art educational school tours program.

Please join the artists for a reception on Saturday, September 8, 2018 from 2:30 to 4pm at Spalding House.

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