So Sari

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July 25, 2008 06:00pm-09:00pm
Honolulu Academy of Arts


'So Sari' information

ARTafterDARK is excited to present DJ Rekha, the queen of bhangra in New York City. She's the mastermind behind SOB's long-running monthly Basement Bhangra in Manhattan. 

It will be a sultry subcontinental night with: 

• The courtyards each featuring an element of major Indian holidays such as Diwali and Onam. Guests get a chance to be creative with flowers by helping to make a pukalam. 

• A street market with "vendors" such as a chaiwalla displaying spices, a henna artist, a general store selling snacks such as Bombay Mix. Mmmm. 

• A zip tour of the Academy's stellar Jhamandas Watumull Gallery of Indian Art by Honolulu Academy of Arts docent Manu Chakravertty at 7:00 p.m. Don't miss the impressive Nandi's Head, the massive bull that transports Shiva. 

• Indian cuisine by E&O Trading Co. 
Goan meat tart & Saag Samosa with mild Vindaloo & tomato chutney
Tali station: Raita salad/Hkatte Baigin/Katchhi Village potato curry/Grilled Naan
Makkhani Murgh with Basmati rice

Many thanks to Red Circle and HonBlue who provided airfare and to design shop 
INTO which provided accommodations for DJ Rekha.