Ghost Story

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    Tom Keener and Bruce Sherman

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    Ryan, Erin, Sherylynn and Jeremy

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    Treena and Michelle

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    Honolulu Museum of Art Graphic Designer Jared Stone with his wife Aly Stone.

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    Shaun and Jessica with their late-nite craving costumes.

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    Tawan and Faa

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    Victoria and Troy

  • Exhib_slideshow_aadoct13_009-9383

    Chelsea, Michael and Michael

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    A devilish dip performed by Ingrid and Ruth.

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    Israel, Jen, Bryan, Judy, Bryan and Mark.

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    Tom, Danielle and Jennifer

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    Annette and Tracy, the zombification begins!

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    Deanna, Teri and John.  Unfortunately for them Deanna didn't actually come in costume.

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    Ryan, Angela, Sean and Megan have unknowingly started the "hipster-hillbilly" trend.

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    Props to Jordan for bringing a real didgeridoo!  Normally we would have to check that in to the Visitor Information Center.

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    Miho and John.

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    Natalie and Tanya

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    Jaydence and Lee, superhero meets Karate master!  Looser buys the next round of drinks.

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    Hey Alyssa and Todd, say cheese!  Oh wait...

  • Exhib_slideshow_aadoct13_021-9413

    Two thumbs up for Matthew's make-shift costume.  I hope he remembered to cut out eye holes.

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    Eric, Danny, Bam and Peter.

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    Jacob, Adam and Michelle.

  • Exhib_slideshow_aadoct13_024-9421

    John and Kathleen.  "Honey I think you have something in your hair."

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    Julian and Jyukon sporting some seriously awesome Yoda hats.  Are those handmade?

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    Kimberly and Kimo.

  • Exhib_slideshow_aadoct13_027-9426

    Serena here reminds me of my grandma, only replace the beer with whiskey and add on about seventeen more cats.

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    Chris and Kristina.

  • Exhib_slideshow_aadoct13_029-9429

    Mari, Shoko and Kyle.  This is a "Walked into a bar..." joke just waiting to happen.

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    Sasaki and Mayu.

  • Exhib_slideshow_aadoct13_031-9432

    Tracy and Tyler.

  • Exhib_slideshow_aadoct13_032-9434

    Lian and Jessica.

  • Exhib_slideshow_aadoct13_033-9436

    Jesslynn and Chris.

  • Exhib_slideshow_aadoct13_034-9438

    Joana, David and Jina.

  • Exhib_slideshow_aadoct13_035-9439

    Victor and Dave.

  • Exhib_slideshow_aadoct13_036-9440

    Brandon's groovy costume comes complete with chest hair, or is that a labradoodle? 

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    Natalie and Landon

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    Joseph, Elizabeth, Annalissa and George.

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    Haku, Will, Rob and Alan.

  • Exhib_slideshow_aadoct13_040-9451

    Gina, Jean, Casey and Malia.

  • Exhib_slideshow_aadoct13_041-9452

    Jasmine and Jonathan.

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    Costumed visitors blended right in with Ryan Higa's paintings featured in Artists of Hawaiʻi 2013.

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    Tasty morsels from The Grove.

  • Exhib_slideshow_aadoct13_045-9565

    The Grove's pumpkin ravioli was a hit of the night!

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October 25, 2013 06:00pm-09:00pm
Honolulu Museum of Art

'Ghost Story' information

The haunting season is upon us—wear your creativity for the last ARTafterDARK of 2013!


Let master storyteller Lopaka Kapanui scare your pants off with tales inspired by works in the Arts of Hawai‘i Gallery. Beware the night marchers.

Mash to the beats of DJ Davey Shindig and live music throughout the night by electro pop group Alt/Air.

Commemorate the night at Kai-Photo's open air photo booth.

Lucky Brand Instagram contest: Post a photo during the event on Instagram. Entries must hashtag #LuckyinARTafterDARK and tag @honolulumuseum and @officialluckybrand to enter to win a Styling Session at your local Honolulu Lucky Brand store ($350 value).  View the official contest rules.


See artist Andrea Charuk put her creative spin on two Lucky Brand jackets—and enter to win a jacket and a denim gift card.

See contemporary Hawai‘i art in Artists of Hawaiʻi 2013 and Ponoiwi: An Installation by Kapulani Landgraf and explore what came before it in the newly reinstalled John Dominis and Patches Damon Holt Gallery of the Arts of Hawai‘i.


Feast on ghoulish bites prepared by The Grove including, pumpkin ravioli and herb crusted pork loin, then take a sip of the specialty "Get Lucky" cocktail.


The following items will NOT be allowed on the premises:
• Weapons (real or toy), including but not limited to guns, swords, bows and arrows, staffs, clubs, and axes.
• Costume accessories longer than 15 inches including but limited to wings, canes, tools, umbrellas, spears, antennae. 


Hallowbaloo Kick Off Concert: John Cruz Electric Soul, 9pm, Doris Duke Theatre.


    Just a reminder—ARTafterDARKers can park in the following locations:

    1) FREE: Street parking on Beretania and Kinau Street from 6pm

    2) $5: Up to five hours, $2 for each additional 30 minutes or fraction thereof. The lot behind the Honolulu Museum of Art School (1111 Victoria St.), entrances on Beretania and Young streets. NOTE: lot closes promptly at 11pm.

    3) $5 at the First United Methodist Church Parking Lot on the corner of Beretania and Victoria streets. NOTE: lot closes promptly at 10pm