FAMILY FILM SUNDAY: All Creatures Great and Small – Short Films

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FAMILY FILM SUNDAY: All Creatures Great and Small – Short Films


Doris Duke Theatre

About the Film:

Hawaii Premiere
61 mins. Three films have subtitles (Spanish, Mandarin, Swedish).

The kids will love this selection of short films filled with cuddly animals, sweet music and gentle stories. The lineup: Mr. Snail and Ball Bug (Victor Blasco, Argentina); Bigbox Singsong John (Warren Brown, Canada); Mr. Shape (Motohiro Shirakawa, Japan); Deere John (Mitchell Rose, USA); Tah-Dah (Stacey Chomiak, Canada); Pierre and the Spinach Dragon (Hélène Tragesser, Germany); Fluffy-Tiny and Vegetables (Miyuki Echigoya, Japan); Boo and Baa Have Company (Anna and Staffan Erlandsson, Sweden); Sixten: Bedtime (Liselotte Blomberg, Sweden); Sesame Workshop: Birds (Julian Grey, Canada); Mig Said Series: Friends (Mig Jou, Taiwan); Blue Elephant (Sung-chi Lo, Taiwan); The Tiger’s Gift (Josh Addessi and Jimi Bonogofsky, USA); The Children’s Tree (Abel Ruiz-Vazquez, Germany); Firefly (Yu-Chuan Kao, Taiwan); Knitted Nights (Gil Alkabetz, Germany). Recommended for ages 3 & up.

Sept. 18 at 11:10 am + 1pm
$ 3 adults; $1 children (12 & under). Tickets available at the box office one half hour before each screening.

Special thanks to the Sidney Stern Memorial Trust for sponsoring this program and to Elizabeth Shepherd, Director of the Children’s Film Festival Seattle, for her assistance and support.

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