Donnie Darko • 15th Anniversary

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Donnie Darko • 15th Anniversary


Friday Mar 31 09:30 PM


Doris Duke Theatre


Museum members: $8.00
General Admission: $10.00


About the Film:

Directed by Richard Kelly. USA. 2001. 134 min.

Richard Kelly’s cult hit returns with a brand new 4K restoration to celebrate its 15th anniversary. During the presidential election of 1988, a teenager named Donnie Darko (in a break-out performance by Jake Gyllenhaal) sleepwalks out of his house one night, and sees a giant, demonic-looking rabbit named Frank, who tells him the world will end in 28 days, 6 hours, 42 minutes, and 12 seconds. He returns home the next morning to find that a jet engine has crashed through his bedroom. As he tries to figure out why he survived and tries to deal with people in his town, like the school bully, his conservative health teacher, and a self-help guru, Frank continues to turn up in Donnie's mind, causing him to commit acts of vandalism and worse.

Note: Frank will be in attendance.

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