Opening-night reception + Cultural Animation Film Festival Program 1

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Opening-night reception + Cultural Animation Film Festival Program 1


Saturday May 20 06:00 PM


Doris Duke Theatre


Museum members: $8.00
General Admission: $10.00


About the Film:

Part of the Cultural Animation Film Festival 2017

We kick off the fest with entertainment and a meet-and-greet with local animation filmmakers. Food from Chamorro Grindz and drinks available for purchase. The Cultural Animation Film Festival Program 1 screens at 7pm.

The opening-night program brings together short animated films from Hawaiian, Aztec, Tuvaluan, Coast Salish, Chamoru, Mexican, Ainu, and Māori cultures. A panel discussion on community engagement and education in cultural films and animation will follow the screening.

Total runtime: 68 min.

Ola Nā Iwi: Hāloa  
Directed by Micahel Q. Ceballos. 12.5 min. Hawaiian.
Hāloa tells the story of how the first Hawaiian came to be and how the Hawaiian bond is forever linked to the kalo plant and the ‘āina (land). Hāloa is brought to life with a unique blend of animation, Hawaiian chants, and ‘ōlelo Hawai‘i. Ola Nā Iwi: Hāloa was created and produced by Twiddle Productions Inc. in Honolulu, Hawai‘i in association with the Kamakakūokalani Center for Hawaiian Studies and the Hawaiʻinuiākea Community Engagement Grant. 

68 Voices: When a Tongue Dies - Náhuatl 
Directed by Gabriela Badillo. 2 min. - Náhuatl 
A story of in the Uto-Aztecan language of the Náhuatl about language preservation. Every tongue in the world encompasses an entire universe inside, and when one dies a vision is lost, as doors and windows to different worldviews and cosmogonies close. 

Tales from Nanumea: The Defeat of Tulaapoupou
Direced by George Siosi Samuels. 2 min. Tuvaluan.
Long ago, a war was waged between two nations: Tonga and Nanumea (currently an islet of Tuvalu). The Tongans set out to destroy the Nanumeans, over the death of a fallen prince, but even their strongest warrior, a giant by the name of Tulaapoupou, was no match for the likes of Nanumea's protector, Lapi. 

Rolling Down Like Pele
Directed by Laura Margulies. 5 min. Hawaiian.
Mixing animation and live action footage, Rolling Down Like Pele explores the world of traditional hula and chant. Lush oil paintings, water colors, and pencil drawings illuminate sections of three Hawaiian dances in unique and surprising ways. The film was inspired in part by time spent with Sissy Kaio and her hālau while participating in a dance on film fellowship at UCLA. 

Raven Tales: Big Rock Story
Directed by Chris Keintz. 7 min. Coast Salish.
A story of a Coast Salish superhero in an ancient and dangerous world. 

Kottura Innovations AR Demo
Created by Ken and Angela Paulino. 5 min. Chamoru.
Kottura Innovations shares their unique vision with interactive augmented reality Chamoru books from the island of Guam. 

Directed by Josh Yasserie. 4 min. Aboriginal.
A young Indigenous boy, an amputee, finds comfort through his collection of toy robots. In his dreams, the boy's robots come to life, play together, and present him with an empowering gift. But is this really just a dream or was it something or someone watching over him? 

Orisha’s Journey
Directed by Abdul Ndadi. 5 min. Pan African.
Based on African folklore, Orisha’s Journey is a fantasy tale of a girl’s journey through the spirit world that shows her the importance of remembering one’s roots. 

Dia de Los Muertos
Directed and animated by Ashley Graham, Kate Reynolds, and Lindsey St. Pierre. 4 min. Mexican
A beautifully heartfelt, short film about a little girl who visits the land of the dead, where she learns the true meaning of the Mexican holiday Dia de los Muertos. Brought to you by The CG Bros. 

Virtual Songlines VR Demo
Created by Brett Levy. 3 min. Aboriginal.
The Virtual Songlines program is used to create virtual heritage projects across Australia in a interactive 3D cultural heritage knowledge-based world. Virtual Songlines applies game theory to interactive technology to resurrect feelings of empathy and bring greater understanding of the cultural heritage of Australia’s first peoples.

Chasing Paradise
Created by Christina Lau, James Dator Friegon, Jeremy Shea, Julene Viernes, Karen Brizendine, Kyle Domingo, Ray Stanshfield, Sage Tokuda, Sydni Akiyama, Tasuke Suzuki and Tui McBraun. 5 min. Hawaiian.
Tourist Jim Cameran thought he was going to spend his Hawai‘i vacation taking pictures, but a nearby pueo has another idea. When Jim's camera is unexpectedly taken by the Hawaiian owl, a wild chase ensues. But what begins as the pursuit of a simple camera soon becomes a journey greater than he ever imagined. This animated short was written and wholly created by the New Media Arts Animation student cohort of 2013 for the course ART 294: Practicum. It was a year-long collaboration by the entire cohort to write the story, design, model, and rig the characters and environment, paint the background art, and composite the shots to create this short.

Nuestra Arma es Nuestra Lengua - Our Weapon is our Tongue
Directed by Tian Cartier. 15 min. Pre-Columbian Latin American.
A mysterious invader’s attack irrupts the calm routine of a community living in peace and harmony with nature. In a matter of seconds, the community is destroyed and all of its habitants killed except for a woman, EMA, who is kidnapped and dragged towards the surrounding jungle. MARCOS, EMA’s partner, is not present when the tragedy occurs. Upon his return, MARCOS finds out what happened and decides to set off to rescue his wife in an adventure through the most diverse climates and landscapes.

Our Weapon Is Our Language (NANL) is a short animation in stop-motion technique, with dolls and decorations built entirely in cloth. Declared of cultural interest by the Council of Cultural Promotion of the GCBA. Participated in more than 160 Festivals around the world, obtaining more than 30 awards and mentions.

Panel Discussion: Community Engagement and Education in Cultural Films and Animation: Doris Duke Theatre director Taylour Chang moderates this panel which includes filmmakers Ty Robinson, Matthew Kawika Ortiz, and Ryan “Gonzo” Gonzalez.

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