Cultural Animation Film Festival Program 3

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Cultural Animation Film Festival Program 3


Tuesday May 23 01:00 PM
Tuesday May 23 07:00 PM


Doris Duke Theatre


Museum members: $8.00
General Admission: $10.00


About the Film:

Part of the Cultural Animation Film Festival 2017

The third program brings together short animated films from Zapoteco, Aboriginal, Pan African, Hawaiian, Tuvaluan, Celtic, Chiapas, and Māori cultures. A panel discussion on intellectual property and culture in films and animation will follow the screening.

Total runtime: 68 min.

68 Voices: Prometheus’s Image
Directed by Gabriela Badillo. 4 min. Zapoteco.
The story of Prometheus told in the Zapotecan language. A rejection to the Lighting God makes him unload his anger against the people by taking away the rain from them and so a brave young man will do anything to bring it back to his people. This battle can be remembered each time we see the wind and clouds up in the sky. 

Directed by Nathan Jurevicius and Maurice Argiro. 5 min. Aboriginal.
​A hunter makes a magic spear which causes the witchdoctor to be jealous of him. This causes trouble for the whole camp.

Virtual Songlines VR Demo
Created by Brett Leavy. 5 min. Aboriginal.
The Virtual Songlines program is used to create virtual heritage projects across Australia in an interactive, 3D cultural heritage knowledge-based world. Virtual Songlines applies game theory to interactive technology to resurrect feelings of empathy and bring greater understanding of the cultural heritage of Australia’s first peoples. 

Orisha’s Journey
Directed by Abdul Ndadi. 5 min. Pan African.
Based on African folklore, Orisha’s Journey is a fantasy tale of a girl’s journey through the spirit world that shows her the importance of remembering one’s roots. 

A Star and its Reflection
Directed by Phoenix Maimiti Valentine. 1 min. Hawaiian.
A claymation film about the fictitious quarrel between the sun and the moon. Both characters wish to be brightest and prolong their allotted time of day. Their playful battle leads to the moon reflecting the sun, and a concluded enmity. 

Tales from Nanumea: Te Lima
Directed by George Siosi Samuels. 2 min. Tuvaluan.
Te Lima tells the story of an ancient Nanumean (Tuvaluan) power that is unique to only a select few families. However, over time, its power has been both elusive and mystical. 

Directed by Emily Clarkson. 4 min. Celtic.
Morrigan is a tragic tale based upon the mythology of the Celtic Irish Goddess Morrigan. The phantom queen of battle and strife has her world changed by a mortal warrior. 

The Flower
Created by 2 min. Pan-African.
You'll love this beautiful and heart-warming animated short featuring Animator Scott Benson’s distinctively endearing animation style in this amorous sentiment that has been captured through an enchanting African fairy tale. 

Directed by Josh Yasserie. 4 min. Aboriginal.
A young Indigenous boy, an amputee, finds comfort through his collection of toy robots. In his dreams, the boy's robots come to life, playing together and one of the robots present him with an empowering gift. But is this really just a dream and was it something or someone watching over him? 

How Māui Snared the Sun VR Demo
Created by Andrew Guagliardo and Anna Sikkink. 2 min. Hawaiian.
This exploratory project seeks to create an entertaining experience that also retells Hawaiian myths in virtual reality. It is a work in progress, with the end goal being a project that generates interest in Hawaiian mythology from those who might not experience it otherwise. The current version of this project is focused on having users use Māui's magic hook to capture the sun.

68 Voices: The Tiger and the Grasshopper
Directed by Gabriela Badillo. 1 min. Chiapas.
Tojolabal story of oral Mayan tradition, Chiapas. They tell the Tojolabales that while the tiger walked he was scared to hear a sound that came from the cricket. The tiger, confident, challenged the cricket to a fight, but the big animals were defeated by the crickets and their little friends. 

A Māui Te Tipua: How Māui found his Mother
Directed by Shane Mason. 6 min. Māori.
From the animated series, A Māui Te Tipua - Māui, the Enchanted.
After he is found washed up on the beach as a baby, Māui is brought up by his powerful uncle. But one thing bothers him—other children have mothers, so where is his? Māui goes on a quest to find her. 

A Māui Te Tipua: How Māui Found His Father and the Magic Jawbone
Directed by Shane Mason. 6 min. Māori.
From the animated series, A Māui Te Tipua - Māui, the Enchanted.
Māui wants to know two things: who is his father and where does his mother go during the day? One day he follows her and finds himself in the underworld. 

A Māui Te Tipua: How Māui found the Secret of Fire
Directed by Shane Mason. 6 min. Māori.
From the animated series, A Māui Te Tipua - Māui, the Enchanted.
Māui the trickster wants to know what will happen if he puts out all the fires in his pa. When his people wake they are very angry and Māui must go to the volcano to visit Mahuika, the goddess of fire. 

A Māui Te Tipua: The Fish of Maui
Directed by Shane Mason. 6 min. Māori.
From the animated series, A Māui Te Tipua - Māui, the Enchanted.
Māui's jealous brothers don't want him to come fishing with them, but Māui is cleverer than they are. He tricks them and catches the best fish of all. 

A Māui Te Tipua: How Māui Slowed the Sun
Directed by Shane Mason. 5 min. Māori.
From the animated series, A Māui Te Tipua - Māui, the Enchanted.
Faced with short days and long nights, Māui comes up with a plan to slow the sun's passage through the sky. With the help of his brothers, Māui sets out for the home of the sun to catch it and make it move more slowly. 

A Māui Te Tipua: How Māui Defied the Goddess of Death
Directed by Shane Mason. 6 min. Māori.
From the animated series, A Māui Te Tipua - Māui, the Enchanted.
When one of Māui's uncles dies, Māui sets out to defeat the goddess of death. But death has a few surprises in store for him. 

Panel Discussion: Intellectual Property and Culture in Films and Animation: Join moderator Sonny Ganaden as he discusses intellectual property in cinema with filmmakers Mericia Elmore and Ida Yoshinaga.

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