CAFF 2019: Animated Perspectives

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CAFF 2019: Animated Perspectives


Saturday May 18 07:00 PM


Doris Duke Theatre


Museum members: $10.00
General Admission: $12.00


About the Film:

Part of The Cultural Animation Film Festival 2019.

Animated Perspectives: A collection of animated films with a diverse point of view.

Our third program brings together short animated films from Ghanaian, VR culture, Hawaiian, Filipino, Children with special needs, Brotherhood, Gaelic, Cultural Ecology, Okinawan, Polish and LGBT cultures.

Total runtime: 63 min.

After the screening join us for a talk story session—Animation Perception, It’s easy right? Panelists to be announced.

Mother’s Sleeping – Ghanaian
Directed by Paulsy Casely-Hayford. 6 min. Hawai’i Premiere.
Animation based on director Paulsy Casely-Hayford mother’s journey as a Ghanaian during WWII, and a reflection on the cultural roles of elders.

Best Friend - VR Culture
Directed by Nicholas Olivieri, Yi Shen, Juliana De Lucca, Varun Nair, David Feliu. 6 min. Hawai’i Premiere.
In a near future, a lonely man is addicted to a product called «Best Friend» which offers him perfect virtual friends.

‘Eleu the Hawaiian Monk Seal - Hawaiian
Directed by Phoenix Maimiti Valentine. 2 min. Hawai’i Premiere.
‘Eleu, The Hawaiian Monk Seal is a glimpse of a sprightly monk seal on a spirited journey through Oceania. Learn about present danger that affects this species' survival.

MANANG - Filipino
Directed by Vince Serrano. 3 min. Hawai’i Premiere.
The story of a boy who uses himself as a bait to capture a Filipino creature, Manananggal.

Louis - Children with special needs
Directed by Violaine Pasquet. 9 min. Hawai’i Premiere.
Louis is a 10-year-old boy who became deaf as a toddler. He likes to play with his favorite pets: snails. But he still has to face the challenge of school.

Bound - Brotherhood 
Directed by Lesego Vorster, Pierre-Yves Vauzelle, Diego Torres, Venkatram Viswanathan, Kirill Blumenkrants. 5 min. Hawai’i Premiere.
Two young brothers break their relationship out of pride. Both have to learn to respect each other.

Symphony of birds - Nā Manu ‘I‘o (Significant Birds) - Hawaii
Animated by Jamie Allen, Kaylan Young, Elyse Chai. Composed by Daniel Houglum. 4 min.
Nā Manu ‘I’o illustrates the importance of two Native Hawaiian Forest Birds, the ‘i’iwi and the ‘elepaio, and their significance to the Hawaiian culture. Catch a glimpse of these birds in their natural habitats, surrounded by indigenous plants and bugs as if it was hundreds of years ago.

Trid An Stoirm—Through the Storm - Gaelic 
Directed by Fred Burdy. 8 min. Hawai’i Premiere. 
Mist. Rain. Storm. On a pier, looking at the crashing waves, a young woman—Alice—is waiting for her husband to come back from the sea. Appearing on the pier, a Banshee comes to her and announces the death of her husband. As the Banshee is leaving, Alice catches her magical necklace and forces her to travel together to the Otherworld. At the end of this journey, Alice hopes to bring her husband back from the dead. But the Banshee, intrigued and amused by the human's unusual behavior, has other plans.

Pakan - Cultural Ecology
Directed by Imanuel Thallinger. 8 min. Hawai’i Premiere.
A never-ending drought has turned the world into a deadly desert. Pakan has to go on a treacherous journey to save his tribe from extinction. While looking for a new place to live he must carry a mysterious box, wihtout knowing where destiny will take him.

Kajadifu - Okinawan
Directed by Sophia Whalen. 2 min. Hawai’i Premiere.
A short film highlighting the Okinawan music scores at the University of Hawai’i's Hamilton library.

Gusla ou les Malins - Polish
Directed by Adrienne Nowak. 9 min. Hawai’i Premiere.
Adrienne goes back to Poland, where she was born, to see her grandmother and ask her family about communism. In her aunt and uncle’s cozy kitchen she will learn that communist spirits aren’t the only ones to haunt the Polish imagination, and that there are many unexpected and old means to face them.

Les lèvres gercées (Chapped lips) - LGBT
Directed by Fabien Corre, Kelsi Phung. 5 min. Hawai’i Premiere.
In a kitchen, a mother and a child struggle to establish dialogue.

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