Loscil in Concert

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Loscil in Concert


Sunday Oct 21 02:00 PM



Museum members: $15.00
General Admission: $20.00


About the Performance:

Presented in collaboration with Honolulu Printmakers

Vancouver-based ambient musician and sound artist Scott Morgan, aka Loscil, will perform a “deep-listening” concert featuring a new electronic composition—the results of his sound()print residency in the Honolulu Printmakers studio in October 2018.

As part of the Honolulu Printmakers sound()print series, which explores the spaces between print and sound culture, Morgan will conduct a week-long “field study” on the Honolulu Printmakers studio, with the goal of collecting material with which to transform how the equipment and the environment are experienced and perceived. Working in collaboration with and parallel to studio users, and using microphones, field recorders, and contact mics, Morgan will harvest sounds from the space, digitally transform them, and assemble them into a library of sonic material that will be further arranged into a musical composition. Working in a feedback look with print artists, the studio activity that occurs during and which informs Morgan’s process will form the contents of a portfolio which will house a recorded document of the completed work.

About Loscil

Loscil is the electronic music project of Vancouver-based composer Scott Morgan. Morgan’s background as a drummer and guitarist in Vancouver’s independent music scene, as well as his academic composition studies at Simon Fraser University, culminated in the creation of Loscil in the late 1990s. At SFU, Morgan studied music and communications, working on the Vancouver Soundscape Project and learning real-time granular synthesis from computer music pioneer Barry Truax. The name Loscil is taken from the “looping oscillator” function of the computer music language Csound. For several years, Morgan was the drummer of Vancouver indie band Destroyer. 

About sound()print

sound()print is a series of programming presented by Honolulu Printmakers in Fall 2018 that revolves around symbioses of sound and print and seeks to position print culture as a vehicle for intermedia exchange and collaboration. sound()print asks the question: what lies in the spaces between sound and print? sound()print considers such dialectical pairings as: musicians and sound artists who make prints; printmakers who make sounds; prints made in response to music or sound; print cultures surrounding music (e.g. music packaging and ephemera); the noise made by printmakers and their technologies; and parallels between recording and printing. sound()print is designed to complement the 2018 Honolulu Print & Book Fair, with which it shares a theme.

The goal of sound()print is to create and model the conditions that catalyze intermedia thinking and action in the spaces between and around print and sound culture; as well as to provide a scaffold for community building, content creation, and critical discourse. The project aligns with the central mission of the Honolulu Printmakers to promote and provide access points to print culture in Hawaii through innovative education and outreach.

Student discount for museum member rate will apply at the theatre box office with a valid student I.D. Museum member rate will also apply for members of Honolulu Printmakers at the box office or over the phone (808-532-6097). 

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