Ancient African Kings Monuments in Rome Today

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Ancient African Kings Monuments in Rome Today


Wednesday Feb 27 07:00 PM


Doris Duke Theatre

About the Lecture:

Honolulu attorney-historian, André Wooten, will present a documentary he recorded on the story of the obelisks of the pharaohs of Egypt that were carved during the independence and ascendancy of KMT-Egypt from 1500 B.C. to 675 B.C. for Black History Month. These large granite monuments, carved for pharaohs and placed in African temples along the Nile, were taken to Rome a thousand years later, after Julius Caesar invaded Egypt, by Roman emperors. Romans incorporated aspects of the ancient Kemetic-Egyptian pagan religion into temples of Isis and Serapis and the religion of Rome before Christianity assumed the politically-dominant position. 1500 years later, the granite monuments carved for African Kings by African artisans were placed in front of the Vatican, other cathedrals, and prominent squares in Rome as the ancient city was being rebuilt. Explore the connections and communications between old Africa and Europe.

Admission: Free

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