Staff Leadership

Director: Halona Norton-Westbrook
Chief Financial Officer: Tania Ginoza
Chief Communications Officer: Kevin Imanaka
Director of Advancement: Budd Lauer
Director of Collections: Cynthia Low
Director of Campus Operations: Jason Morrison
Director of Learning and Engagement: Aaron Padilla
Director of Human Resources: Sharon Stillman
Director of Curatorial Affairs: Catherine Whitney


Board of Trustees

As of July 1, 2021

Kitty Wo, Chairman
Sharon Twigg-Smith, Vice Chairman
Herb Conley, Vice President
Patricia Y. Lee, Secretary
Rajiv Batra, Treasurer

Kaili Chun
Josh Feldman
Priscilla Growney
Stephanie Hee
Michelle Ho
Lynne Johnson
Robert S. Katz
James Lally
Violet S.W. Loo
Melissa Lum
Amber Strong Makaiau
Avi Mannis
Noreen Mulliken
Kelly Sueda
Ruedi Thoeni
Simon Treacy
Michael Watanabe