Strategic Plan 2021 – 2026

As the Honolulu Museum of Art (HoMA) approaches its centennial in 2027, it is poised to embark on a new chapter guided by a renewed vision, with a Strategic Plan that focuses on its core purpose.



The Honolulu Museum of Art is a home for art and education that exists for the benefit of the entire community, presented in a setting that promotes beauty, harmony, learning, self-awareness, and connection.


With care, respect, and empathy we will:

  • Embrace an approach grounded in excellence, innovation, and sustainability to ensure that the museum will continue to serve and inspire our community for generations to come.
  • Prioritize inclusivity and accessibility as we strive to honor, celebrate, and reflect the diversity of Hawai‘i.


Inspire and uplift our community through transformative art experiences that celebrate creativity, cultivate wonder, foster empathy, and enhance knowledge in order to deepen our connection with one another and the world we share.

Strategic Priorities

Breathe new life into our galleries and library

Over the next five years, the museum will breathe new life into the display and interpretation of its incredible permanent collection through new, multifaceted narratives and an overall reimagining of the presentation of our galleries. This reimagination of our permanent collection will be further enriched by a regular schedule of innovative temporary exhibitions. In addition, the museum will engage artists of international acclaim to collaborate with HoMA in the development of projects created with and for the community. The result will be a museum where visitors have the opportunity to foster greater connection to both the permanent collection and contemporary artists. In complement to these efforts, the museum’s 40,000 volume library will evolve to become an open and accessible resource for scholarship and reflection.

Connect the Art School and the museum

From the beginning, the promotion of art and education has been chief among HoMA’s enduring commitments. At this juncture in our history, we are poised to create greater synergy between the gallery and classroom experience as we center the museum’s collection in our educational curriculum while also ensuring that the experience of hands-on making is an integral part of every museum visit. Over the next five years, we will work to ensure our collection, exhibitions, and artist projects—and a deep appreciation and respect for the many different ways people engage with art—are at the fore of both the Art School and the museum experience.

Redefine the visitor experience

In the years ahead, HoMA will fundamentally redefine the visitor experience. The museum will intensify its efforts to become accessible by proactively ensuring that the visitor journey has been thoughtfully planned to deliver a welcoming and inclusive experience for all. From improved website experience and physical wayfinding to extended evening hours and expanded offerings of inclusive and accessible programming that reflect and celebrate the diversity of Hawai‘i, the museum will strengthen its efforts to become a destination of choice for both locals and visitors to Hawai‘i. The future of HoMA will be one in which all elements of the visitor experience work seamlessly together, and the overall experience of the museum will be customizable and adaptable to visitor knowledge, familiarity, and preference. We envision a museum for all people, with a range of offerings and experiences that can be curated to individual interests, and which is worthy of frequent and repeat visitation to discover all that is new and ever changing at HoMA.

Establish an Art School Creativity Hub

The Art School is an integral part of HoMA and an important resource for our entire community. Looking to the future, we will further invest in the accessibility of the Art School through classes geared towards a range of ages and skill levels and will create a Creativity Hub, a central space and community resource in the heart of the Art School for learning about art-making, interacting with our Lending Collection, and spotlighting local talent through an innovative Local Artist Lending Program.

Foster a healthy arts ecosystem

Beyond the walls of the museum, we will seek new and creative ways to cultivate a healthy arts ecosystem for and with the entire community. Through mutually-beneficial community partnerships and deepened relationships across the arts and culture sector, we will invest in creating a stronger arts community that will grow and provide a multitude of benefits to local families and communities for generations to come. Our efforts to reach the community beyond the museum will also continue as we work to deliver art-making experiences and build connection to HoMA throughout the islands. Additionally, in harmony with our values, we are committed to the essential work of continuing to align our staff and Board of Trustees to more fully reflect the diversity of Hawai‘i.

Five Year Campus Plan

The museum’s building and grounds are an integral part of what makes HoMA special. As the National Register of Historic Places notes, “Not only are the treasures within priceless, the building itself is a standout in the architectural record of Hawaii.” Caring for the campus is one of HoMA’s greatest responsibilities, and a five year campus plan will enable the museum to take a systematic approach to ever evolving infrastructure needs and ensure that the museum’s campus will endure for many years to come.

Five Year Financial Plan

In the Fall of 2021, HoMA will develop a five year financial plan that will build a long term planning framework for financial sustainability. This multifaceted plan will incorporate earned revenue and endowment growth strategies, milestone target dates, and peer museum benchmarking. It will serve as a guide for the next five years and will put the museum in ideal position to remain sustainable in perpetuity.


Help us build the future you want to see at HoMA

Going forward, the museum will engage the local community and members as we begin our journey to bring the Strategic Plan to fruition over the next several years. If you would like to express your thoughts or give feedback, please email:

You may download a copy of our Strategic Plan 2021-2026, below: