Call for photos: Shots of aloha wear

In April, the Honolulu Museum of Art presents Fashioning Aloha, an exhibition that explores the history, design motifs, and entrepreneurial stories of aloha wear, which has evolved to reflect identity, culture, and connection to place in Hawai‘i.

In the exhibition we want to share how aloha wear has played a role in the community. We invite you to email us photos of you, family, and friends dressed in mu‘umu‘u, holokū, holomu‘u and aloha shirts, beginning in 1935 up to the present. Get that favorite photo of grandma in her classic mu‘umu‘u! The photographs will be displayed in a slideshow on a monitor in the exhibition.

Email your photos to:

Include as much background information as you can remember—who is in the picture, the year, and the location. Adding the brand of the aloha wear is a bonus! If the garment is homemade, even better!

Submission deadline: Friday, February 23

Fashioning Aloha opens April 12, 2024.

By submitting your photo and information you grant the Honolulu Museum of Art permission to use your submission in museum material including the exhibition and in print and social media.