Honolulu Museum of Art School

The Honolulu Museum of Art School, opened in 1990 in the historic Linekona building, is the hub of the Honolulu Museum of Art's arts education programming. Education was the driving force behind the founding of the museum, and the museum has offered classes and tours since it opened in 1927. Today, the Art School reaches approximately 60,000 children and adults each year through studio art classes, workshops with visiting artists, school programs, outreach programs, and exhibitions.

Honolulu Museum of Art School Exhibition Program

Honolulu Museum of Art seeks proposals for its community-inspired exhibition program at the HoMA School Gallery. HoMA welcomes incisive, surprising, creative, and rigorous exhibition proposals organized by community stakeholders that will enliven the arts corridor of Honolulu. The HoMA School Gallery exhibition program supports Hawaiʻi’s vibrant art scene by partnering with community stakeholders in the presentation of four group exhibitions per year (this constitutes roughly half of the exhibition time available per year). Each exhibition will fill the HoMA School 3,400 square foot gallery in the historic building formerly known as Linekona. With classes and programs offered daily, the building welcomes tens of thousands of visitors each year, making the gallery a dynamic place for exhibitions, artist talks, and workshops.

2020 HoMA School Request for Proposals and Application
2020 HoMA School Exhibitor Application Attachments

Nano Gallery Exhibition Program

Honolulu Museum of Art seeks proposals for the Nano Gallery, a unique exhibition space within the Honolulu Museum of Art School. HoMA welcomes innovative and engaging proposals by contemporary artists and artist groups that will enhance the viewer’s experience through conceptual and visual expression. The Nano Gallery, formerly the HoMA School phone booth, is a non-traditional gallery space that measures 38.5"x46"x104.5" Artists are encouraged to submit proposals that are site-specific and activate the space by creating a transformative experience. Each exhibition within the Nano Gallery will run for a duration of six weeks (not including installation and de-installation).

2020 Nano Gallery Request for Proposals

Questions may be directed to HoMA School exhibition manager at gallerymanager@honolulumuseum.org