Abstracted Landscapes

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    Brad Huck. "Moving Still," 2011. Mixed media on wooden panels.

  • Exhib_slideshow_jeera_rattanangkoon

    Jeera Rattanangkoon. "Trees," 2005. Color woodblock print.

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August 05, 2011 - January 06, 2012
TCM at First Hawaiian Center

Exhibition Overview

Brad Huck and Jeera Rattanangkoon present works capturing their personal perspectives on the landscape around them.

In his newest series, Maui artist Brad Huck depicts observations informed by gazing downward during hikes on his favorite trails. The resulting multi-panel pieces support countless layers of paint along with collaged images and strips of tape that are added for texture or removed to reveal underlying layers. A gifted draftsman, Huck often completes surfaces of his works with delicate drawings of individual seeds, leaves, orpods that he collects and brings back to the studio.

A skilled woodblock printmaker, Jeera Rattanangkoon creates works that celebrate the rhythm of the natural world around him. His attention to detail can be traced to growing up in Thailand where he observed the cycle of nature as a part of everyday life. In his prints of the past five years, one can witness his affinity for recording moments in nature that take place around us each and every day that usually go unnoticed.

Monday-Thursday 8:30am-4pm, Friday 8:30am-6pm