Lending Collection

HoMA’s Lending Collection brings art, history and culture to life by providing educators with thousands of artifacts and objects from around the world for students to see, touch and experience right in the classroom – all at no cost to schools or teachers.

Community update: COVID-19 health and safety . The Honolulu Museum of Art School and Lending Collection is temporarily closed.

Lessons supported:
• Appreciating the cultures and histories of our diverse communities
• Asking questions and drawing conclusions based on observation
• Engaging in historical inquiry
• Engaging in place-based learning
• Investigating the movement of people, goods, and ideas
and more!

Lending Collection

The Lending Collection includes objects that are historically, culturally, and artistically significant tools, ceramics, clothing, currency, dolls, fiber arts, furniture, jewelry, masks, musical instruments, puppets, sculptures, textiles, baskets, toys, art reproductions, and more.

Bwinnin Ri-M̗ajel̗ / Marshallese Collection

The Lending Collection also houses many objects from the Marshall Islands, including stick charts, woven mats, necklaces, and belts. Use this bilingual website to explore these objects, and learn what they are made from, how they are made, and how they are used.

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