Music & Art • Fri 10am–noon • AHGL191L02

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Class Name :

Music & Art • Fri 10am–noon • AHGL191L02

Class Date :

March 29 - April 26

Meeting Times :

Fri 10-12pm

Class Location :

Community Room

Instructor :

Gary Liu

Price :

$90.00 General

$80.00 Members

Registration begins December 11th at 10:00AM. Contributing Member registration begins December 10th at 10:00AM.

About this Class:

An interdisciplinary sample of cross-cultural expression, this class looks at ways that movements in the worlds of music and art have intersected, whether through the depiction of music as subject matter, music translated as an organizing principle in visual art, or contemporaneous music and art styles exploring similar philosophies. 

Class consists of presentations, discussions, and listening sessions, to collectively investigate illuminating connections.

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