Ceramics • CRSM163A33

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    Artwork by Shigeru Miyamoto

Class Name :

Ceramics • CRSM163A33

Class Date :

September 12 - December 12

Meeting Times :

Mon 6–9pm

Class Location :

Ceramics Studio

Instructor :

Shigeru Miyamoto

Price :


About this Class:

Class • Mon 6–9pm • Sep 12–Dec 12 • 13 sessions • $285 • Ceramics Studio

No class Oct 10

Travel the world of ceramics, learn and use the techniques of hand-building and wheel throwing to make your own vision of animated objects and vessels. Work along with like-minded people and have fun exploring what you can do with this malleable material—clay. Artistic and technical information will be integrated throughout the class.

Artwork by Shigeru Miyamoto

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