Cosplay Figure Drawing • DPDO162W29

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Class Name :

Cosplay Figure Drawing • DPDO162W29

Class Date :

May 20 - June 24

Meeting Times :

Fri 6-9pm

Class Location :

Room 200

Instructor :

Devin Oishi

Price :


Class is Canceled. Please consider taking one of our many other great classes.

About this Class:

Workshop / 6 sessions / $150 / Room 200 / Fri 6-9pm / May 20-Jun 24

Drawing from a live model is a classical technique that sharpens and improves drawing ability. Models will be in cosplay from your favorite anime, manga, and pop-culture! Students are encouraged to cosplay and interact with the model. Each session includes a series of poses, some brief to practice gesture drawing and others lasting more than an hour. Presentation topics cover visual measurement, materials selection, drawing technique, art history, and anatomy. Individual help from the instructor is always available.

Supplies: Use what you have. I like the following: newsprint 18 x 24” pad, 18 x 24”, drawing board and clips, kneaded eraser, white or Japanese eraser, Alphacolor Char-kole, oil pastels, ink and brush, watercolor and pad


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