Spalding House Sogetsu Ikebana / Fri 1-3pm • FLCS172W95

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Class Name :

Spalding House Sogetsu Ikebana / Fri 1-3pm • FLCS172W95

Class Date :

May 05 - June 02

Meeting Times :

Fri 1–3pm (5 sessions)

Class Location :

Spalding House

Instructor :

Carole (Kohyo) Sakata & Maki (Kohka) Takushi

Price :


About this Class:

Learn the principles and concepts of the Sogetsu Ikebana style to create basic and freestyle arrangements with tropical and other varieties of flowers. In the first half hour of class, instructors demonstrate a basic arrangement to illustrate ikebana variations. This class is designed for students who have taken a Sogetsu Ikebana class previously. Class limited to 15 students. Carole Sakata holds the highest degree (Riji) in Sogetsu Ikebana.

Supply fee: $50 paid to instructor

Supplies:  Beginners - Frog (flower holder in a flat vase), hand Towel, flat moribana vase, scissors, Text book.   Scissors & Text book can be purchase through teacher.  Flat vase can be borough.

Arrangement by Carole Sakata's student

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