2 Cultivating Your Unique Vision • PHDU181L70

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Class Name :

2 Cultivating Your Unique Vision • PHDU181L70

Class Date :

November 15 - December 13

Meeting Times :

Wed 6-8pm (5 sessions)

Class Location :

Room 101

Instructor :

Kamran Samimi

Price :


About this Class:

A perfect introduction to Adobe Illustrator, students will learn the basics of the program through 3 projects: a geometric digital art piece, a logo design and a poster layout. Students will also learn to effectively use typography through the basics of communication design. No prior knowledge of Illustrator is necessary but basic computer skills are required.

Supplies: You can subscribe to Adobe Illustrator online for $19.99/month, and free 14-day trials are available. Go to adobe.com for details. Please bring your own laptop computer.

Artwork by Kamran Samimi

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