Monoprints Made Easy: Citrasolv Transfer • PMSG163W12

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    Artwork by Sam Guerrero

Class Name :

Monoprints Made Easy: Citrasolv Transfer • PMSG163W12

Class Date :

November 07 - December 12

Meeting Times :

Mon 6–9pm

Class Location :

Printmaking Studio

Instructor :

Sam Guerrero

Price :



About this Class:

Workshop • Mon 6–9pm • Nov 7–Dec 12 • 6 sessions • $135 • Printmaking Studio

For many people, making a monoprint can be intimidating because of its painterly nature or the fact that so much work goes into the production of a single print. This six-day workshop will set those worries at ease. Instructor Sam Guerrero has adapted techniques he learned from renowned printmakers Jaun Quick-to-See Smith and Neal Ambrose-Smith. He will walk you through these quick, painless techniques that will satisfy both those who enjoy experimentation and process heavy art making. Techniques center around non-toxic printmaking, particularly CitraSolv image transfers that allow you to transfer a printed image with impressive fidelity.

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Artwork by Sam Guerrero

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