Lo-Fi Photo-Intaglio • PMDD162W40

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Class Name :

Lo-Fi Photo-Intaglio • PMDD162W40

Class Date :

May 18 - June 22

Meeting Times :

Wed 9am-noon

Class Location :

Room 103

Instructor :

Duncan Dempster

Price :


Class is Canceled. Please consider taking one of our many other great classes.

About this Class:

Workshop / 6 sessions / $130 / Room 103 / Wed 9am-noon / May 18-Jun 22

In this workshop you will learn some quick and dirty methods for incorporating photographic imagery into your intaglio work. Focus is on low-resolution immediacy with an emphasis on happy accidents and funky results. While some printmaking experience is desirable, this workshop is designed for intaglio printmakers of all experience levels who are interested in using photo-appropriation as a trigger for exploratory work. Note: this is not a photogravure or digital photogravure class. Techniques covered are: Photo-asphaltum ground (heliograph), Paper plate litho transfer ground, photosugarlift, Laser-label heat transfer ground, Photocollograph, Photopolymer film.

+ $40 supply fee paid to instructor


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