4 Traditional & Natural Edge Woodturning (2) • WTAC181S30

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Class Name :

4 Traditional & Natural Edge Woodturning (2) • WTAC181S30

Class Date :

August 06 - August 20

Meeting Times :

Sun noon–4pm (3 sessions)

Class Location :

Spalding House

Instructor :

Barret Werk

Price :

$80.00 Default

About this Class:

Introduction to Modern Bamboo Joinery / Aug 6-20 • WTBW172W03

In this class, limited to 10 students, tap into the incredible strength of bamboo with modern composite joinery. Learn the latest techniques to join bamboo using epoxy and natural fibers with strength comparable to a metal-to-metal weld inspiring you to use bamboo in ways never thought possible. Topics covered include bamboo selection, preparation, joinery, finishing, safe use of epoxy and hand tools. Materials fee includes: safety glasses, disposable gloves, epoxy, natural fibers and bamboo.

Supply fee: $50 paid to instructor

Parking is FREE in the The Honolulu Museum of Art Spalding House parking lot. You do not need a parking pass.

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