Summer Tours (Kinder-12th Grade)

Location: Honolulu Museum of Art, 900 S. Beretania Street
Days/Times: Tuesday-Friday, 9am-12pm
Group Size: 60 maximum per tour
Fee: FREE (including transportation if needed)
Grades: Kinder through 12th

During Summer 2019, we will offer two tour options: Elements of Art and Social Studies Through Art. Both tours take place at the main museum location. Please click the REGISTER button below your selection to view available dates.

Elements of Art (Kinder-12th Grade)

During this hands-on tour and art-making experience, students will explore the building blocks that artists use to communicate their ideas–the elements and principles of art. They will investigate how artists manipulate line, shape, color, and other elements and principles, to engage the viewer and to convey mood and meaning.  

Social Studies Through Art (3rd-12th Grade)

In this inquiry-based tour and art-making experience, students will use artwork as a primary source for investigating the phenomenon of globalization at different moments in history. Through hands-on activities and active research, they will explore how innovations in the arts have driven globalization, and will examine some of the social, economic, ecological and cultural consequences of an increasingly connected world.

Borrow Art

Extend your museum experience back in the classroom with artifacts from the Lending Collection! Pre-packaged boxes of objects are available for some tours, or hand-pick objects from the collection for any tour. The Lending Collection is a free resource for Hawai'i educators. Contact Dawn Sueoka at to visit the collection or to reserve a pre-packaged box.

Connecting to Standards

All of our school tours are aligned with Hawai‘i’s Common Core and State Standards. View grade level specific standards that may be addressed on the Elements of Art See Art Make Art field trip here and Social Studies Through Art See Art Make Art field trip here

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